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Rob Turkington


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A few good reasons why incest is a taboo...

Turk-o-Rama Industries is a thirty-two-year-old company fabricated from the warped mind of our President, Rob Turkington. We are the preferred producer of toxic methane gas in Maine.

While everybody likes their own "brand", we are especially proud of our product. We use only the finest raw ingredients to produce Grandpa's secret formula. Let's face it, there is no such thing as enough cheap beer. Through years of painstaking research, Turk-o-Rama Industries' patented methane formula has become the benchmark other gas producers strive to achieve. Not even baked beans and spam will give you the sheer paint peeling power Turk-o-Rama brand has made famous. Definitely not for those with a weak stomach. Our product is of course all natural, however the foul emanations are not exactly environmentally friendly.

Try Turk-o-Rama brand methane for yourself, and you will understand why! Just click on the e-mail hyperlink below and we will rush a sample right to your doorstep! samples@turkorama.com

Please feel free to search our World-Wide-Web site. The idyllic photo of our staff is a clickable guide through this archaic mess we like to call a website. Please click on any of the gaping orifices for pure gaseous satisfaction!



updated 11/30/05