Everyone seems to have a web page devoted to Spam®, that pink-fleshy-quasi-meat of Internet lore. Not to be outdone, Turk-o-Rama Industries has devoted part of our web site to Spam®. While we consider Spam® an alternative source of methane, it's rich in materials necessary for gaseous emanation and has a shelf life that will last well into the next millennia.


To the right is a picture of the Spam® racing car on the Nascar circuit. While the true fuel mixture is closely guarded secret, it is our belief they are enriching their fuel with Spam®. Our tests prove the methane produced would boost the performance of the car over 200%! Of course the toxic gas might cause the driver to expire. Sometimes you've got to do what it takes to win, even if it means a little brain damage!




Spam® Haiku Archive

Spam®, more than a luncheon meat, it's art.

Find the Spam®

Spam® games even your boss can play!

The Notorious Spam® Cam

Not for the faint of stomach.

Great Spam® Debate

Ever want to throw in your 2¢ about Spam®? Now you've got a forum.

Spam® Ingredients

The low down on the manufacture of Spam®.

The Spam® Conspiracy

A small peek into a twisted mind, government conspiracies and all.

Spam® Can Totality

Better than sex with preformed Spam®.



SPAM® Clubs

Monty Python's Spam® Club

Are you a member of the Spam® club?

The Spam® Appreciation Society

Devoted entirely to the subject of Spam®!



Cooking with SPAM®

Spam® Recipes

Quite possibly some of the most disturbing recipes you'll ever read.

More Spam® recipes

Real home cookin'', the way Mom never made it.



SPAM® Collectables

Spamtastic Catalog Home Page

Can't ever get enough Spam®? Now you can buy collectables!



SPAM® Worship

The Blessed Church of SPAM®

If David Koresh ate Spam®...

John's Shrine to Spam®

Kneel down and pray before your master!

The Intergalactic Church of Spam®

Where to go if you have an out-worldly Spam® experience.



SPAM® Personal Pages

The Amazing SPAM® Home page

The Best looking Spam® page on the web: recipes, FAQ about Spam®, and links to other pages.

Dan Garcia's Spam® Page

The definitive Spam® guide with audio files and links to other Spam® sites.

Page o' Spam®

A well crafted archive of relevant Spam® information.

The Uncaring Goddess of Spam®

I always suspected as much...

Meg's Page O' Spam®

Yet another Spam® Page.